Wanna host your tour ?

We will help you design  and host  your own tour/ workshop in Morocco

Are you an influencer, a travel blogger or a workshop trainer?

Whether you want to share a magical travel experience with your social media or blog followers or host a workshop in a unique location rich with authentic experiences.

You can utilize our local expertise and resources to design and host your own tour or workshop.

We take care of all the organizational and logistical aspects and assist you throughout the whole trip so you can focus on creating unforgettable travel memories with your tour or workshop participants.

How does it work?


Tour details

Fill out our “Host Your Tour” form (No obligation)


Have a call

We will contact you to setup a call to discuss the details


Make magic happen

We create your tour or event after your validation

Why host your tour?

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You call the shots

You will have the freedom to design your own tour itinerary that would satisfy your needs and your group expectations.

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Our expertise

Our local tour experts will guide you to create rich and authentic experiences for your tour. They will transform your ideas into an unforgettable travel experience.

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You receive monetary compensation for each member of your group, in addition to paid travel expenses. All the terms of your compensation will be detailled in your tour contract.


(you can see all our FAQs here)

How do I know which trips are available?

All our tours are listed here: https://tourmorocco.co/our-tours/ You can also find them by going to “TOURS” on the Menu bar and clicking “Our Tours”

faqs iconDoes the tour price include flights?

The prices listed on our site do not include flights. We have found that many people want to book their own flights so they can find the best possible deals. Many of our guests also want to use frequent flyer miles and take advantage of upgrades. In case, you would like us to book your flight, you can send us a request with all the details and we will send you some flight options that you can choose from. Then you can decide if you would like to book your flight through us or directly.

What Is Tour Morocco’s Cancellations Policy?

Most tours offered on the Tour Morocco Platform are refundable when canceled certain number of days prior to the tour departure. All cancellation policies are noted on the booking menu. You can email booking@tourmorocco.co if you are unsure regarding your tours cancellation policy.

Do you offer payment plans, and when are they due?

Absolultely! This is one of our specialties. This is a huge benefit for people who need to save and plan accordingly. We find many people can afford to go on their Dream Vacation if the deposit is low and payments are not all due at once. Our payment plans can differ for each tour. Please find your specific tour and see the information regarding when your payments are due. Any last minute bookings require payment up front before confirmation. Also see our Budget Plan to help you find creative ways to make your “Once in a Life Time” Adventure a reality.