How do I know which tours are available?
All our tours are listed here: https://tourmorocco.co/our-tours/ You can also find them by going to "TOURS" on the Menu bar and clicking "Our Tours"
Does the tour price include flights?
The prices listed on our site do not include flights. We have found that many people want to book their own flights so they can find the best possible deals. Many of our guests also want to use frequent flyer miles and take advantage of upgrades. In case, you would like us to book your flight, you can send us a request with all the details and we will send you some flight options that you can choose from. Then you can decide if you would like to book your flight through us or directly.
Do you offer DISCOUNTS?
Absolutely! We wouldn't be here if we didn't reward everyone who traveled with us. Choose one below. Discounts may not be combined. Option 1: Before Deadline Discounts This discount applied if you sign up before or on the Deadline date of the tour. After our deadline, the price increases. So you have an AUTOMATIC savings. Option 2: Frequent Guests on our tours Discounts If you have participated on any previous tours, you will receive a discount on your next tour with us. Option 3: First Time Tour-Bring your friends Discount If you bring a friend, your friend also receives a discount off their tour. Option 4: Early Bird Discounts If you sign up during our "Early Bird" registration on any new tour, you will receive a discount off that tour Option 5: Any other Special Promotion Discount We have special promotions throughout the year. Discounts will vary and will be clearly stated on promotions.
What Is Tour Morocco's Cancellations Policy?
Most tours offered on the Tour Morocco Platform are refundable when canceled certain number of days prior to the tour departure. All cancellation policies are noted on the booking menu. You can email booking@tourmorocco.co if you are unsure regarding your tours cancellation policy.
How do I receive my reservation ticket(s)?
You will receive your ticket in your confirmation email -typically within 15 minutes of booking your tour/activities. However, sometimes it may take up to 48 hours to confirm certain activities. If you don’t receive the email, check your spam/junk folder. If you are unsure if your booking was confirmed, please contact booking@tourmorocco.co
Why did my booking not confirm?
Confirmation is typically received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability. A tour may return unavailable due to a few different reasons: 1. The tour date or time requested is no longer available 2. Unexpected closures of locations visited or roads used during tour, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience but sometimes outside influences can force the cancellation of a tour. Tours rejected that you have already purchased will be refunded immediately.
How do I access my reservation ticket?
You will receive a confirmation email from Tour Morocco, after booking your tour. The ticket will be included in our email—usually within 15 minutes of booking your tour/activities. However, sometimes it takes up to 48 hours to confirm certain activities. You can also access your booking ticket by login- in to your account in our platform.
How do I get my ticket if I won't have internet access when I am traveling?
It’s all good! If you’re concerned about accessing your email or the internet during your trip, simply print your Ticket at home and take it with you when you travel. Be sure to print the whole thing—including the tour/activities instructions.
Who do I contact if I have any last-minute questions about my tour?
Our contact details can be found on your Ticket in the confirmation email you received from booking your tour/activities. You can also find our contact details in our contact page
Do you offer payment plans, and when are they due?
Absolultely! This is one of our specialties. This is a huge benefit for people who need to save and plan accordingly. We find many people can afford to go on their Dream Vacation if the deposit is low and payments are not all due at once. Our payment plans can differ for each tour. Please find your specific tour and see the information regarding when your payments are due. Any last minute bookings require payment up front before confirmation. Also see our Budget Plan to help you find creative ways to make your "Once in a Life Time" Adventure a reality.
Do I need Travel Insurance?
Yes! We advise all our guests to have travel insurance. Should you have to cancel for any unseen circumstance, or you lose your luggage, your travel insurance will help protect you. Your policy should also cover medical costs in case of hospitalisation and emergency travel. Once you have paid your deposit or full payment, certain fees will apply if you cancel your tour. Insurance should therefore be organised at the time of booking to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances that would require you to cancel before travelling. If you don't mind running the risk of losing your deposits and or payments and you wish not to purchase travel insurance, this is entirely up to you.
Do I need visa to enter Morocco?
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, the following countries do not need a visa to enter Morocco: Algeria - Andorra - Argentina - Australia - Austria - Bahrain - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada – China- Chile - Republic of Congo - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Great Britain - Greece - Guinea (Conakry) - Hong Kong - Hungary - Iceland - Indonesia - Ireland - Italy - Ivory Coast - Japan - Kuwait - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxemburg - Mali - Malta - Mexico - Monaco - Netherlands - New Zealand - Niger - Norway - Oman - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Puerto Rico - Qatar - Romania - Saudi Arabia - Senegal - Singapore (Singaporean nationals may stay up to one month without visa) - Slovakia - Slovenia - South Korea - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Tunisia - Turkey - United Arab Emirates - United States of America - Venezuela. If your country is not in this list or are not sure if you need a visa to enter Morocco, please check with the Moroccan Consulate in your country or get in touch with us.
What currency do I use in Morocco
The currency used in Morocco is Moroccan Dirham (MAD). You can exchange your US dollars or Euros to Moroccan Dirham after you arrive to Morocco in local banks or currency exchange shops available in all major touristic cities and near touristic sights. You can check the current exchange rate from your currency to MAD on the Internet or here: https://www1.oanda.com/currency/converter/
How do I pack for my trip to the Sahara?
Here are some essentials that you will need to remember to pack while preparing for your trip: • A windbreaker or light jacket to survive the cooler nights; • Comfortable jeans or other pants to make sure your legs are protected from the camel’s rough fur; • Comfortable underwear as wearing a thong might get very uncomfortable while riding a camel • Appropriate shoes (sneakers, hiking boots or sports sandals); • A headscarf or hat to block the sun and dust; • Chap stick and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun; • A camera to bring home your wonderful desert memories; • A lens, camera brush, and dustproof/waterproof bag to protect your camera from the sand; • A flashlight to use at night at the campsite; • An extra day or two of any medications you need. There are not too many pharmacies in the desert.
Should I bring my children with me on my trip to the Sahara?
Travelling with children should not stop you from visiting the majestic Sahara. Here are some tips to take into consideration while preparing for your trip: • Before heading out, make sure to stock up on SPF 80+ sunscreen. You’ll want to apply vigorously to the entire family every 2 hours; • Pack loose-fitting, bright-colored long sleeve shirts, wide-rimmed hats, sunglasses, chap stick, and hydration solution; • Remember that you will be driving for extended periods of time. If your kids aren’t used to spending hours in the car, we recommend booking a private tour or renting your own car so you can make quick stops whenever necessary; • Make sure the car’s air conditioning is functioning. Children under the age of 12 are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke; • Whenever possible, have younger children sit in the shaded portion of the car. You will also want to pack a long scarf or loose shirt to use as a sun block on the window; • A long car-ride might seem boring to your kids, even if the scenery changes drastically. Remember to pack some technology-free entertainment and healthy snacks to keep them happy; • Younger children, in particular, might be scared of the camels. That is why we advise that children ride with adults. In case they refuse to ride the camel to get to your campsite, we can arrange for transportation in a 4X4 vehicle (with an additional charge). • Once at the campsite, you will most likely be served a traditional Moroccan dinner comprised of tagine chicken and vegetables. If your kids’ taste buds aren’t as adventurous, make sure to be equipped with one of your kid’s favorite easy meals. Dry pasta packs well and olive oil will be available at your camp; • The desert is usually very dark at night. A nightlight can come in handy; • Remember the swimsuit! Many of the accommodations just outside of the sand dunes have swimming pools.
How do you ride a camel?
• Wear long pants and long socks to protect your skin from the sun, the sand and the camel’s rough fur • Approach the sitting camel from the side, slowly and confidently. ... • Throw your leg over the middle of the humps and quickly mount it. ... • Lean backward as the camel starts to stand. ... • Slowly lean forward as it gets onto its front legs.
What will the food be like?
AMAZING!! Food is a highlight of our tours. Whether you are a foodie or not, we take you to out of the way places and experience the best and most interesting cuisine of the cultures. You will certainly not go hungry on our tours! All meals provided on the tour, whether included in your price or apart of the MEAL PLAN, will be typical regional dishes mostly made up of local specialties. Our main objective is for you to experience the true regional dishes. Breakfast will vary from tour to tour and in general included in your tour price. Please check your tour details for more information.
I’m a vegetarian or have special dietary needs, can you help?
Absolutely. Just let us know in advance and we will do all we can to ensure you have meals best suited for your needs. We will contact all our restaurants and see what is available for you. If you require foods outside of what is available or dietary supplements, the cost for these is not included. We’ll do our best to accommodate you and will let you know ahead of time before your tour, what can or can not be done.
How do I get to the start of the tour?
We will pick you up personally at the airport. Once you have landed, cleared customs and exited the baggage area, we will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it.
How much free time is there in your tours?
All our trips are a combination of organized activities and free time. With all of our tours, we strongly believe we have well balanced itineraries to enable you to explore all the places you are visiting. We know it’s important that you have time to yourself. Many of your most memorable experiences will occur when you search out your own personal interests and pursuits. We build the framework in our itinerary and many details are taken care of. While booking your tour, you can find a list of activities to sign up for to help you customize you're very own tour.
What happens if my flight is delayed and I get there after the pick-up time?
Unfortunately sometimes flights are late, and even when they are on-time, your luggage may still be running a few hours (or sometimes days) behind you. As a preventative measure, make sure you have at least 3 hours between connecting flights. If your flight is tremendously late, cancelled or for some reason you have arrived to the specified city (relative to the tour you are signed up for) after the pick-up time, it will be your responsibility to get to the accommodation from wherever you are (airport, train station, etc.). You will be given the addresses, phone numbers and emergency numbers before you leave your country, so you can come and meet up with the rest of the group and continue with the tour. Consider purchasing a travel insurance policy to cover any unexpected expenses.
Can I get online whilst travelling on your tours?
Free Wifi Internet is available in most of the hotels in Morocco. Also, Internet cafés are plentiful throughout much of the country, particularly in major cities – an internet email address and a webcam/phone account (such as skype) are good ways of staying in touch.
Will my mobile work overseas?
If you want to take your phone with you, there is a good chance that it will work in most major cities. Check with your service provider before you go if they have an agreement with the countries you are travelling to, and make sure you remember to get international roaming turned on.
What are the Accommodations like?
We take speical pride in the accommodations we secure. Our goal is to stay where the character is second to none and we also choose our accommodations based on location and convenience. We spend as little time in hotels as possible, in an effort to bring you a more Authentic feel.
Can I book extra accommodation for the start or end of the tour?
Yes In all cases, we can organise extra accommodation for the start and end of the tour. Just let us know and we’ll organise a quote for you.
Do I need to take any medical supplies?
We recommend you carry all your personal medical items and medications. Travellers who take regular medication should take an appropriate supply plus a few extra days extra; incase of loss or missing RX. All prescription medications must come in its original packaging with your name on the label. Make sure you have medication for food poisoning in case you get a case when trying new foods for the first time.