Morocco Adventure Tours

Morocco ranks as the second most popular tourist destination in Africa, just after Egypt, for every good reason. The country is colorful, exotic, mystical, and with ancient scenery that will make your eyes yearn for more. It’s a beautiful land with a rich cultural heritage. The cuisine, nightlife, and adventure tours make some visitors want to cancel their flights back home. You may have heard stories from vacationers about their adventures and can’t wait to experience them on your own. Here are some of the most popular Morocco adventure tours to add to your to-do list.


  1. Enjoy Fantastic Nomadic Life Alongside the Berbers

Berbers call themselves “free men” and spend their entire lives raising herds of grazing animals and moving from one place to another. You can join them on their next trip! The nomads migrate from the hot lower valleys to the cooler pastures in the Atlas Mountains annually.

The journey takes a week, and you get to help organize their camps in the evenings and pack them up at dawn before commencing. You also enjoy exciting activities like bread baking, milking the goats, and tending to the animals. Besides that, enjoy delicious food and share compelling stories with the community.

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  1. Camel Trek in the Enormous Sahara Desert

You can explore the Sahara Desert in an SUV, but doing the same while atop the traditional desert vehicle – the camel- is more exciting and unforgettable. Ride for hours to view the scenic dunes and the stunning landscape touching the sky. The sun’s reflection makes the sand glow.

After sunset, you can camp overnight under the stars with camels outside your tent door. While deserts are bare land, the Sahara will amaze you with its beauty, and camel trekking is the most wonderful way to enjoy a safari in the Sahara.


  1. Spot a Tree Goat in Souss Massa Draa

You have probably heard many strange things but not goats climbing trees. If you have heard or seen it, it was maybe in a magazine. Well, that picture in the magazine was captured in Morocco, and if you are curious about seeing it with your own eyes, the possibilities are endless. You need to bring those eyes to Morocco!

These animals spend most of their days perched on Argan tree branches, balancing on their four feet and munching the Argan fruits. These unique animals can be seen around the Souss Massa Draa region. The Argania Spinosa forest is a UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve that supplies the locals with Argan oil.


  1. Excite Your Taste Buds with Morocco’s Cuisine

Combining Berber, Arabic, and European flavors, authentic Moroccan food will take you through an exciting adventure. Start the day with a market breakfast in Casablanca, snack on some goat’s cheese in Chefchaouen, enjoy lunch in Fes of Marrakech and make it to the Berber camp just before dinner.

If you love street food and trying different flavors and home-cooked dinners, you’ll enjoy fabulous moments in Morocco. It would be best if you also grabbed the opportunity to learn to make the food yourself and impress your friends with Moroccan delicacies. Tagine is the country’s pride and most famous dish. Name any better way to show your loved ones that you’ve been to Morocco.

Moroccan Cooking Workshop

  1. Find a Magnificent Green Garden in Marrakech

Marrakech is a medieval city in the south of Casablanca, and Morocco’s fourth-largest city is indeed a place to behold with exciting sightings. The dusty streets, intricate tapestry, and carved wooden doors add to the city’s vibrancy. In the surroundings, there are a few hidden oases where you can relax under the shade.

The Jardin Majorelle and The Agdal are among the most popular gardens in the city, but there are other green spots that you can find. That sounds like an adventure! Head to Riad Enija, Bahia Palace, and Jnane Tamsna and count every discovery as a win. Check out the Le Jardin Secret for an impressive mind-blowing Islamic art and architecture inspired by Andalusian and European influences. You can exlore the magic of Marrakech in a day tour. Click here for details.

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Final Remarks

Morocco is so vast you cannot exhaust all the tourist attractions in a lifetime. It will take decades to visit a fraction of them. To get the most out of your Morocco adventure tour, try incorporating at least three daily tours where applicable. Meanwhile, add these five adventures to your to-do list.

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