Top 10 Cities to Visit in a Morocco Tour

Morocco continues to fascinate and entice travelers thanks to the enigmatic and beautiful attraction sites the country holds. From snow-capped mountains, culture and lifestyle to traditional medieval towns, Morocco is a top-class holiday Best Morocco Tours offering travelers lifetime experiences.

For an unforgettable sightseeing experience, here are the best cities to visit in a Morocco Tour.

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Not far from the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is home to the old Medina, the heart of the city which is the most popular tourist attraction site in Morocco. Additionally, the city is home to many landmarks, majestic gardens, monuments, and historical mosques such as the Koutoubia Mosque. This world-renowned mosque which dates back to the 12th century is an iconic symbol of the city of Marrakech. The city offers tourists a breathtaking view of its landscape when the Sahara desert’s shifting sand spreads out of the town to meet the stunning snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

Some of the activities to do while exploring Marrakech include

  • visiting the Jemaa El Fnaa Square
  • Learning about Morocco’s culture
  • Shopping at the souks

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Morocco’s second-largest city and former capital, Fes, is a city possessing a variety of Arab, Amazigh and Andalus heritage which is noticeable from the impressive buildings, sites and architecture. Fes is also home to the world’s oldest university, Al-Qarawiyyin which was established by Fatima Al Fihri in AD 859. Additionally, the city features three ancient Medinas: the old, jewish and the recently new medina, with one, Fes el Bali, being declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

For a magical experience, visit the stunning boulevards of Ville Nouvelle, a place boasting refreshing fountains and beautiful palm-fringed avenues alongside exquisite hotels.


Meknes is a city unique in its own way as it features a nine-gate entry and fortified walls surrounding the entire city. Meknes is a city boasting of rich history. The city’s name “Meknes” originated from the city’s first inhabitants in the 11th century, a Berber tribe known as the Almoravids.

That being the case, Meknes is among Morocco’s numerous UNESCO World heritage sites.

The city offers travelers an escape into breathtaking monuments, architecture and a well-preserved heritage.

Some of the best tourist activities to do in Meknes include:

  • Touring the Dar Jamai Museum for a learning experience of Morocco’s architecture
  • Taking pictures of the magnificent Bab Mansour Gate
  • Visiting the old Royal Stables
  • Exploring the Roman ruins of Volubilis


Rabat is Morocco’s capital city and one of the leading Morocco tourist attractions. The city lies on the Atlantic coast and features tranquil beaches which are among the reasons behind its popularity. The city is also famous for its astonishing Islamic architecture. Additionally, the city holds strong ties to its French past because of its proximity to the Atlantic coast.

For travelers looking to have an exquisite experience, take a tour of the Hassan tower (12th century) or visit St. Peter’s Cathedral while you soak into the urban atmosphere of this magnificent city.


Casablanca is the country’s largest city and one of the top tourist getaways. The city is the ideal representation of modernity in Morocco and features beautiful Moresque buildings which are a blend of French-colonial design with Moroccan craftsmanship.

Some of the must-see places in Casablanca include the decorated Hassan || Mosque, The Place Mohammed V and the Place du 16 Novembre.


The city of Tangier is one of the European- looking Moroccan cities making it one of the best-loved tourist destination places. Additionally, the city is located at the northern tip of Africa, 14 kilometers away from mainland Europe.

Tangier plays a major role in Morocco’s literary history, particularly in the 20th century as the city was a Phoenician trading post in the middle of the 1st millennium bce. Tourists from different parts of the world tour the city to witness the culture, history and all Tangier has to offer. The city has also inspired some famous works such as ‘Naked Lunch’ by William Burroughs and ‘The Sheltering Sky ‘ by Paul Bowles.

Essaouira (Mogador)

Located along the Atlantic coast in the western region, Essaouira is a city popular not only because of its super windy beaches, white-colored houses or the magnificent gates and castles but also because season three of Game of Thrones was shot in this city.

Essaouira rose to popularity in the 60’s for being a well known beach hangout for celebs such as Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.

For music lovers, visit the city of Essaouira during the Gnawa music festival which is held annually around June or July. Or join the Gnawa Master Class immersive Morocco Tour. Furthermore, Essaouira holds an immersive history on its old city walls, and ancient streets offering tourists learning and discovery moments.

Some of the fun activities to do while in Essaouira include:

  • Exploring the ramparts
  • Going for a horse ride, kitesurfing or windsurfing
  • Attending the Gnaoua World Music Festival


Agadir is a city that rose from the ashes after the devastating earthquake in 1960 that wiped most of the city’s historical and heritage sites. Today, Agadir is a thriving seaside resort featuring an elegant waterfront with a tranquil atmosphere to match. Hiking to the Souss-Massa National Park or strolling on the Agadir beach are among the fun activities tourists engage in while exploring Agadir.

Chefchaouen (Chaouen)

Popularly known as the blue city due to its vibrant blue color on its buildings and streets, Chefchaouen is a city surrounded by breathtaking mountains. The city offers tourists an in-depth experience into hand-crafted traditional Moroccan products such as clothes, and woven blankets. Unlike most parts of the country where French and Arabic are widely spoken, locals in Chefchaouen speak Spanish. Nevertheless, the city is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Morocco. Some of the activities to do while in Chefchaouen include:

  • Going for a hike or wild swim in the surrounding countryside like Akachour
  • Visiting the Ras El Maa waterfalls
  • Exploring the architecture of the Outa El Hammam square


Situated in the middle Atlas region, Ifrane is unlike any other city in Morocco. The city features a Swiss alpine feel as well as blooming flower beds, red-roofed buildings and snowy winters. Furthermore, the city is surrounded by cedar and oak forests and boasts of a remarkable European style hence its nickname Africa’s “little “Switzerland’. Ifrane is a must-visit city for tourists looking for a one of a kind memorable experience.

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