Visiting the Sahara desert can be a once in a lifetime experience and one that will stay with you forever. There are few places on earth that have landscapes similar to the Sahara. So in order to prepare for this incredible journey, here is what you need to know:

How do I pack for my trip to the Sahara?

Here are some essentials that you will need to remember to pack while preparing for your trip:

  • A windbreaker or light jacket to survive the cooler nights;
  • Comfortable jeans or other pants to make sure your legs are protected from the camel’s rough fur;
  • Comfortable underwear as wearing a thong might get very uncomfortable while riding a camel
  • Appropriate shoes (sneakers, hiking boots or sports sandals);
  • A headscarf or hat to block the sun and dust;
  • Chap stick and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun;
  • A camera to bring home your wonderful desert memories;
  • A lens, camera brush, and dustproof/waterproof bag to protect your camera from the sand;
  • A flashlight to use at night at the campsite;
  • An extra day or two of any medications you need. There are not too many pharmacies in the desert.
What to Know About Visiting the Sahara

Should I bring my children with me on my trip to the Sahara?

Traveling with children should not stop you from visiting the majestic Sahara. Here are some tips to take into consideration while preparing for your trip:

  • Before heading out, make sure to stock up on SPF 80+ sunscreen. You’ll want to apply vigorously to the entire family every 2 hours;
  • Pack loose-fitting, bright-colored long sleeve shirts, wide-rimmed hats, sunglasses, chap stick, and hydration solution;
  • Remember that you will be driving for extended periods of time. If your kids aren’t used to spending hours in the car, we recommend booking a private tour or renting your own car so you can make quick stops whenever necessary;
  • Make sure the car’s air conditioning is functioning. Children under the age of 12 are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke;
  • Whenever possible, have younger children sit in the shaded portion of the car. You will also want to pack a long scarf or loose shirt to use as a sunblock on the window;
  • A long car-ride might seem boring to your kids, even if the scenery changes drastically. Remember to pack some technology-free entertainment and healthy snacks to keep them happy;
  • Younger children, in particular, might be scared of the camels. That is why we advise that children ride with adults.  In case they refuse to ride the camel to get to your campsite, we can arrange for transportation in a 4X4 vehicle (with an additional charge).
  • Once at the campsite, you will most likely be served a traditional Moroccan dinner comprised of tagine chicken and vegetables. If your kids’ taste buds aren’t as adventurous, make sure to be equipped with one of your kid’s favorite easy meals. Dry pasta packs well and olive oil will be available at your camp;
  • The desert is usually very dark at night. A nightlight can come in handy;
  • Remember the swimsuit! Many of the accommodations just outside of the sand dunes have swimming pools.
What to Know About Visiting the Sahara

How do you ride a camel?

  • Wear long pants and long socks to protect your skin from the sun, the sand and the camel’s rough fur
  • Approach the sitting camel from the side, slowly and confidently. …
  • Throw your leg over the middle of the humps and quickly mount it. …
  • Lean backward as the camel starts to stand. …
  • Slowly lean forward as it gets onto its front legs.
What to Know About Visiting the Sahara

Do you offer any private tours to the Sahara desert?

Yes, Tour Morocco offers some unique experiences and private tours that include the Sahara and cities like Merzouga, Erfoud, Errachidia, Ouarzazate,  Zagoura, and M’hamid. So if you are visiting Morocco for few days and want to do a 2-3 days tour to the Sahara, please contact our customer service team so they can make you some recommendations. Our Sahara tours include private transportation and airport transfers (or from your accommodation if you are already in Morocco), private professional tour guides, camel rides to the dunes to watch the sunrise (or sunset), a night in the Berber tents in the dunes, accommodations and meals in the cities you want to include in your itinerary. You can view our best-selling tours or you can create your own tailor-made tour.

What to Know About Visiting the Sahara